It comes without saying, but meeting with strangers can carry certain risks – and yes, that includes going out on dates. Especially with the prevalence of online dating apps nowadays, the general anonymity of online dates may spell disaster if they turn out to be sleazy and outright not what they seem. It’s better to stay safe than sorry, so be prepared for the worst – here’s 5 tips you ought to follow when going out on dates with people.

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Don’t Share Personal Information

Whether you’ve met someone online or you hired Cleveland escorts, the person you’re dating is most likely a complete stranger to you. And this should go without saying, but you should never share any personal information to strangers – this includes your full name, your address, the name of family and close friends, details about your current job, or even your birthday and birthplace. Avoid posting in public sites any pictures that may show people information about you, such as street signs and plate numbers. Dedicated stalkers or predators can and will try to track you down with this information. All it can take is a few Google searches for an awful person to locate you. So beware!

Don’t Give Your Phone Number Out So Easy

So, you plan to meet up with someone you met online. Or perhaps you’ll hire an escort to accompany you to an upcoming party. It may seem customary to offer your phone number out to them after the date, but try to hold back and think things through. Your phone number is a gateway for creeps to either hack your phone, track you down whenever, or simply hound you through constant texts and call attempts. If possible, arrange to meet up face-to-face somewhere safe first. Be the one to call the shots – you never know if your date’s got plans under their sleeves. Choose places that you’re familiar with, and try to meet up in the daytime where people can see you.

Look Beyond Appearances

Don’t let attractive looks or a few niceties fool you into putting your guard down, because you never know what a person is like inside. Everyone looks and acts nice during the first date, including possessive jerks and obsessive weirdos. You never know if one of them will take advantage of you the moment you let them in your personal space. Get to know them first throughout the date and observe their behavior before deciding to put your trust on them.

Inform People You Trust About Your Date

As a safety precaution, it is always recommended that you tell friends or family members details about the date – who you’re going out with, where the date is happening, when you’ll be coming back. If things go bad during the date, then they’ll know what’s up and call the authorities if it comes to that. Also make sure you inform them when the date is over.

Trust Your Instincts

If your gut is telling you that something’s not right, then you might be onto something. If you think someone hasn’t been genuine to you, then perhaps they’re hiding something malicious. Make an excuse if you have to, but don’t chance it and leave lest you regret it later.

In Conclusion

When going out on a date, it’s good to be aware that anything might happen. Sometimes the person you match with turns out to be a horrible creep, and may take advantage of you and put you in a dangerous situation. So, be smart and make the necessary preparations before the date to ensure your safety.